What We Do

Fusion works hard to bridge the gap between theory and operations. This takes the form of closely managing all chemicals that we formulate, and ensuring they fall within a narrow range of product specifications.

Fusion also performs chemistry training to its clients, so they are informed first-hand on how to handle all chemicals in the field. If there are issues in the field, Fusion also acts as the quality control specialist on-site.

Fusion’s primary operations are as follows:

Formulate, Blend, Warehouse & Deliver Unique Chemistries

    -Provide individual additives or entire fluid systems in order to solve downhole problems


    -Provide non-biased, timely results utilizing industry recommended and recognized practices
    -Research & development

On-Site Quality Control Supervision

    -Years of technical problem solving to help reduce and mitigate potential down time due to fluid related issues

Technical Consulting
    -Solutions to service companies and E&P’s